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    Monday, March 6, 2017
    Yesterday I went to Snow Festival in Hakusan, it takes about 50 minutes by car to the location. I was a very good event that involved a lot of people especially families that have children. The most interesting game that I tried is snow maze where the maze is not very difficult but I impressed how they build the maze using snow. It not very challenging for the adult but children looked very excited to go through a tunnel and when they found ‘onisan’ at end road.
     Furthermore, we tried to experience snowshoeing in that area which takes almost 1 hour plus the explanation from the guide. The guide explains a lot about animals that used to be around that area such as rabbit, squirrels and also show the visitor a tree that has bear’s claw mark. It was very fascinating for first-timer like me to try all this new experience. There are 2 types of snowshoe which are Japanese traditional snowshoe called ‘kanjiki’ and modern snowshoe. Because the ‘kanjiki’ are limited, I was given chance to use modern snowshoe to walk on the snow. What interesting fact about the differences is the modern snowshoe only can move forward but ‘kanjiki’ can use to move forward and backwards. The guide explained that only one long rope is needed to make ‘kanjiki’.

    The longest queue yesterday is snow rafting where it seems to be very fun to ride a banana boat that attached to snow jet ski and can choose to try a long course or short course. I could not try the snow rafting because of limited of time yesterday. I hope I can try it next time.

     Besides stage performance, futsal on the ice field and some great food shops available on that day. I am looking forward to going next time! I hope you guys can try it too. \(^.^)/


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