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    Saturday, April 24, 2010
    this is my first post in english...
    actually...my english is not very good...
    i think...my english kind of direct translation from malay..
    hehehe..anyway, i just wanna try to write in english..
    almost one week i felt quite lonely..
    i think i did something wrong..
    but i cant go back to the past to undo my mistake...

    hmmm...so, what can i do?
    i hope time will heal everything..
    i should take this situation as a lesson to me..

    when i think over and over again...
    i always did the same mistake..
    huhuhu...i should become more matured...
    please3...wake up!!

    i have too many mistake..
    time to 'muhasabah'..
    hope i can become a new person...
    hope i will not betray someone..
    hope everyone can forgive me...
    hope i die in peace~


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