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    Thursday, November 17, 2011

    I realise that my post entry is per month. It is not a good thing because I need to improve my writing. Actually, I just finished English test today. It is a quite tough examination because this test included four section which are reading, writing, listening and speaking.

    before the day of the test, I slept in UUM in my peer hostel to make sure I won't be late for the test. To be honest, I think that I did my best but I don't know how the result will go. I don't want to expect high band because I will be frustrated if I did not achieved the target.

    so, after finish all the tests. I went back to alor setar. along the journey, I think that my mind went empty.. inilah sebab tajuk entry ni otak kosong..hehe..

    finally.. i cannot continue writing in english. this show that my english is not good enough.
    anyway, sambung tentang otak kosong tadi. first time rasa otak sangat kosong...sepanjang perjalanan tidak dapat berfikir apa2...tak tau laa nk cerita macam mana tapi...memang tak dapat berfikir sampai memandu macam zombi..huahaha...

    p/s: tengah tgk malaysia vs indonesia sukan sea...(xdpt bagu tumpuan penuh kepada blog)...lain kali lah story telling lagi...daaa~~


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