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  • Tojinbo, Fukui prefecture

    Wednesday, January 13, 2016
    Last week we have holiday 3 days because Japan have a celebration for those who are becoming 20 years old. I do not know what and how they celebrate it but I have an extra day for weekend.

    We went to Tojinbo where is famous with suicide tragedy. There have a phone booth that those who want to suicide will make last call to their love one. According to statistic 25 person commit suicide annually. However recently a retired police officer, Yukio Shige, frustrated at having fished so many bodies out of the sea, began patrolling the cliffs for potential jumpers. He claims so far (December 2009) to have convinced more than two hundred people to not jump; he keeps in touch with every one of them to this day. (wikipedia)

    On the way back home, we stop by at Fukuijo (Fukui Castle) and a Otera (temple). The castle and temple are amazingly beautiful but the weather is not welcoming us. The entrance fee for both places are 500 yen but I did not go inside because time was limited.


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