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  • Tea Ceremony

    Friday, July 1, 2016
    Last weekend...

    This semester I have joined class on how to make green tea. This class is special for foreign students who are studying in Kanazawa University.

    Sincerely, this class is very interesting for me because of the teacher is very kind and patience while teaching us. After two months practice making green tea, last weekend is like a main ceremony to the students to show their skills in making tea. We have to remember all steps from entering the tea ceremony room.

    Each student at least need to perform tea making in front of visitors on that day. I am the last one to make tea but sensei still looking forward. Kimochi ga iideshita.

    We were informed that too many visitor came this year compared to last year. Sensei is very happy about this. Because off too many visitor, student that have to make tea in front of visitor have to make only one cup while the other make for the others. This is one way to save time.  

    Everyone are very interested in Japan culture. This situation makes students are eager to learn new things. Picture are from Patrick.


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