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  • Wednesday, February 5, 2014

    Sudah sekian lama aku tak tulis blog..tetiba malam ni rasa macam nak share something what I did last weekend. I went to Wasserkuppe with my friend.

    This is my third time to see, feel, touch and fall in love with snow. I will tell the 1st and 2nd time in other day.

    We had plan to go find snow because where I live right now doesn't has snow. And I don't think it will be snowing this year..hehe..(maybe)

    I went to her house in Melsungen where we can categorized it as kampung..hihi..but still..I love it.

    I arrived there on Friday. So, we decided to go there on Saturday but it's raining. We postponed to the next day. On Saturday, we just wandering and window shopping around Kassel.

    Early in the morning after we had breakfast, we start our journey. About 1 hour, we arrived at Wasserkuppe. Its freezing but because to take nice picture, we are pretend to be cool. hahaha..

    If you wanna try skiing, snowboarding and playing with the snow here, it is quite nice and they prepared all the things that you guys need to rent.


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